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CSS Tab Designer 2.0

CSS Tab Designer is a program to help you design css-based lists and tabs
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CSS Tab Designer is an easy to use program that will help you design css-based lists and tabs visually, allowing you to be ready to add the list to your web site, without requiring any knowledge about css or xhtml or Javascript. Making the same tab list without using a program requires a large amount of css/xhtml knowledge and experience to solve problems related to build cross-browser web site designs. As a web designer, I tested many programs of the same type, but I couldn't find any fully compliant with strict xhtml specifications. Another issue is that the programs don't generate the code using the shorthand notation style (which is very important to compress the code and reduce compilation time in production environments).
I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the interface of this program. Pretty nice and easy to use, and the most important thing, it generates strict xhtml compliant code. That means you can be sure that your web site will be seen in any browser in the same way. Another important feature is that you can edit the generated code to customize some properties when needed. Only one features is not present in the interface, you can't make sub menus, which is a pity and sometimes needed, but you can make similar sub menus based on the original without too much effort.

fernando gamba
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  • Very nice and easy to use interface
  • Generates xhtml compliant code


  • It doesn't allow you to make sub menus
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